19 May 2020


The approach to data has drastically changed over the past two decades, with researchers accessing to more data and larger volumes of data than ever before. Thanks to the continuous development of...

19 May 2020

Efficient Data Handling in Astronomical Interferometry – JIVE & ESCAPE

JIVE, the Joint Institute for Very Long Baseline Interferometry European Research Infrastructure Consortium (JIV-ERIC) provides support, conducts leading research and forwards...

11 May 2020

ESCAPE featured in FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force Video

ESCAPE featured in the latest FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force Video as one of the research projects turning FAIR data into a reality in Europe. ESCAPE is working with the...

28 April 2020

ESCAPE members adapting to life under lockdown

Since the beginning of lockdown, ESCAPE members have reorganized themselves to balance project activities and family life during the pandemic. Find out how.

21 April 2020

Galaxy Zoo: Clump Scout – a first look at the results

Great news from ESCAPE first Citizen Science Project: Clump Scout! Since launching Clump Scout in September of last year, over 7,000 volunteers provide more than 800,000...

20 April 2020

First Set of Services Paving the Way to the FAIR Software Catalogue for Open Science in Astronomy & Particle Physics

ESCAPE has defined the initial set of 24 software packages and services that will be made available on the ESCAPE Open-source Scientific Software and Service Repository (OSSR). The ESCAPE...

17 April 2020

Creating the ESCAPE DIOS – The first steps of Building a Multi-Exabyte Data Infrastructure to support Open Science

During its first year, ESCAPE paved the way for an open access Data Lake infrastructure, the ESCAPE Data Infrastructure for Open Science (DIOS).  This will allow large national research data...

13 April 2020

Data Center used on ESCAPE is supporting research to fight COVID-19 pandemic

In the context of the fight against the corona (COVID-19) pandemic, the Particle Physics Laboratory of Annecy (LAPP), which is the...

02 April 2020

Radio Galaxy Zoo: LOFAR – The First Classification Results

ESCAPE is happy to see how popular the Radio Galaxy Zoo: LOFAR project is. Since LOFAR's launch two weeks ago, over 234,000...