John Swinbank, Zheng Meyer-Zhao both at the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON)

What is it?

The ESFRI Science Analysis Platform (ESAP) is a platform-service gateway with the capability to access and combine data from multiple collections and stage for subsequent processing and analysis. It allows data discovery and handling of large and distributed data collections. It is a flexible science platform for the analysis of open access data available through EOSC, giving the users the possibility to identify and stage existing data collections for analysis, tap into a wide-range of software tools and packages developed by and in support of the ESFRIs, bring their own custom workflows to the platform, and take advantage of the underlying high performance computing infrastructure to execute those workflows. The ESAP is tailored to the requirements and the users needs of each of the ESFRI and other research infrastructure members of ESCAPE.

Who are the Target Users?

Predominantly scientists. Also developers interested in extending the functionality of the science analysis platform. Some general public interest.

What is the value added / impact?

Data volumes are increasing rapidly, making it more difficult for users to process, analyse and visualise data. The ESCAPE project seeks to provide infrastructure (both hardware and software) to support data discovery, processing and analysis of data from research infrastructures in the fields of particle physics and astronomy which are at the cutting edge in terms of the amount of data that is collected each year. It will also support multi-messenger science and provide access to data, software and tools stored in many different physical locations, in a transparant and user friendly way.

The ESAP is unique in the sense that it combines data from different but related scientific disciplines. The discovery of gravitational waves, cosmic rays and neutrinos from distant stars and galaxies that have, until recently, only been studied through their electromagnetic radiation, has greatly boosted the field of multi-messenger astronomy. The ESAP brings together data from telescopes, detectors and accelerators – some still under construction – into a unique multi-messenger and cross-domain Open Science Cloud for fundamental science.

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