ESCAPE_DIOS  Data Infrastructure for Open Science


Rosie Bolton (SKA), Xavier Espinal (CERN)

What is it?

The ESCAPE Data Infrastructure for Open Science (DIOS) is a federated data infrastructure of open access data that enables large national research data centres to work together and build a robust cloud-like service to curate and scale up to multi-Exabyte needs. The ESCAPE DIOS is a cloud of data services that follows FAIR data management principles at the bases level while serving global user communities in a scalable and performing way.

The ESCAPE DIOS is a flexible and robust data lake in terms of storage, security, safety and transfer, as well as basic orchestration machinery, which enables the combination of technology with high quality data from different communities and, therefore, the exploration of new areas in science.

Individual physical data stores are now in a coherent virtualized data infrastructure that manages extremely large data volumes and the user does not necessarily have to know the physical location of the data but accesses it in the cloud via standard interfaces or through their science platforms.

The ESCAPE DIOS for astronomy and physics is a pillar infrastructure to be connected to EOSC, address the next decades’ data challenges and serve the international user communities.

Who are the Target Users?

The service will be available to the users of the escape science projects to store and organize their data. It will be accessible to all users to read the data, conform with the policies of the science projects 

What is the value added / impact?

The Data Lake Cloud Service will hide the complexities of data management and data access in a distributed environment from the end users. It provides capabilities for managing large volumes of data and making them accessible to very distributed communities, while optimizing the cost of storage.

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