SURFsara is the national HPC and e-Science support center and supports research in the Netherlands by developing and offering advanced and sustainable ICT infrastructure, services and expertise. This support is ensured by providing an integrated ICT research infrastructure with services in the areas of computing (supercomputing, capacity computing, high-throughput computing), data storage and data analysis, visualisation and cloud services, by providing multidisciplinary expertise and support in e-infrastructure use and application, and by doing all required innovation, engineering and development.

SURFsara hosts large national infrastructure services, i.e. the Dutch national Supercomputer service, the National Compute Cluster, large data storage facilities and services (online capacity over 10 PB, tape capacity over 50 PB), a large Hadoop cluster, HPC Cloud service and all-important national grid services. This includes also the Tier-1 service for CERN WLCG in close collaboration with Nikhef, and long-term archive for the LOFAR telescope.