ESCAPE to the Future Event - Slides | Recordings | Reports now available

Between the 25th and 26th of October 2022, the “ESCAPE to the Future” brought together around 200 individuals (half in Brussels, half online) from 20+ different countries, to discover how ESCAPE has been strengthening Open Science in astronomy, astrophysics, and particle and nuclear physics, mostly from Academia and Research but also from Policy Funding Agencies, Public Services, and IT Consultancy/Development, amongst others.

The “ESCAPE to the Future” event showcased the five ESCAPE versatile solutions that allow management, curation and deposition of data, to unlock the driven science economy, while following FAIR principles in the different stages of the scientific process. Each one of these five services demonstrated how they have been helping research infrastructures from astronomy, astrophysics, particle and nuclear physics to make scientific discoveries while addressing profound questions about the structure and evolution of the universe.

“ESCAPE to the Future” had at its centre the Science Projects, being developed jointly with the EOSC Future initiative, which are being integrated in the EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) environment so scientists can exploit synergies and complementarities across different communities for mutual benefits.

The proceedings of the event are now available online. From the event page you can download the slides presented during the sessions, access the recordings, watch the summary videos and download the final report.

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